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Vendor Managed Inventory(VMI)

Let Richards manage your inventory and reduce your overhead cost

Inventory represents stacks of cash sitting on your shelves. Our Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) solutions let you put that money back into your business!


Better Visability

Increase Efficiences & Productivity

Reduction of Cost


Eliminate stock-outs on key items

Increase Savings

Organized/Efficient Inventory Area

Streamline Your Ordering Process

Increase productivity from your team

Eliminate waste of stock you don't need

Access to electronic reports

Trust partnership between customer and Richards


The solution looks different for every customer. We will design a program specific to your environment, challenges, and goals!

We build an Excel spreadsheet separated for each store room, tool crib, work/assembly area cabinets, or job site trailer. Using a basic min/max/order point process for the customer specified inventory, your Account Manager quickly enters your stock on-hand and recommended order quantity via tablet or printed copy. We can send you the form immediately via email for review or directly to Richards for processing and fast delivery. The form can also be printed out for an internal employee to quickly review and order stock.

A clean, organized store room makes managing your inventory easier. Richards offers a wide variety of labeling solutions, shelving, and plastic bins of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Our Account Manager can come up with a design to maximize your space and organize your product so that your employees can find what they need quickly.

Short on space? Don’t want to carry excess stock? Tired of running out of critical products? Let Richards be your offsite warehouse. We will keep your safety stock at your local store and deliver as you need it. We will also boost our inventory on your critical items to ensure that you stay up and running. Helping you cut cost and maintain service levels at the same time!