Channellock 360 Multi-Purpose Welders Plier, 2.71 in L, High Carbon Steel Jaw, 8.9 in OAL

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  • Brand: Channellock
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Designed as an ideal 6-in-1 plier for welders, the CHANNELLOCK 360 Welder's Plier offers XLT cutting technology which positions the rivet closer to the cutting edge so considerably less force is required to cut than other high leverage designs. Aggressive cross-hatch teeth and precision machined grooves easily grip and draw out wire and provide superior spatter removal. Added spring makes for ideal one-handed use while 90-deg teeth allow for easy tip installation and removal. Pliers are Made in USA and forged from high carbon steel that is specially coated for ultimate rust prevention. Invoice Description: WELDERFTS PLIERS,GROOVE NOSE GRIPS AND DRAWS OUT WIRE,SPRING-LOADED DESIGN CHANNELLOCK MIG PLIERS

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Brand Channellock

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