DeWALT DWA5834 Flat Head Self-Sharpening Chisel Bit, 1-1/8 in Hex/SDS MAX Shank, 1 in W Blade, 12 in OAL

  • Item Code: DWA DWA5834
  • Brand: DEWALT
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  • Unit Size: 1


These 1-1/8 in hex self-sharpening chisel bits are designed with an optimized tip geometry. It helps to maintain the original shape as the bit wears and helps increase concrete breakage. These chisels are excellent for concrete demolition, chipping and removal. Invoice Description: DISCONTINUED CHISEL, COLD, 1X12 SELF-SHARPENING, SDS MAX SHANK DEMOLITION, BREAKING CONCRETE DEWALT CHISELS

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Tech Specs

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Material Steel
Overall Length 12 in

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