Squids 19666 3196 Grinder Tool Tethering Kit

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  • Brand: Squids
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The Squids 3196 Grinder Tool Tethering Kit includes a 3110F(x) Dual Carabiner Tool Lanyard and a 3797 Power Tool Bracket - Grinder Tool Trap. This tool tethering kit allows you to tether one standard corded or cordless grinder power tool weighing up to 8 lb/3.6 kg making it easy to use your tools on the job while preventing dropped objects when working at-heights.Straightforward Installation - Connection points for tool lanyards are not always readily available on power tools, which can create hazardous environments while working at heights. This one-time assembly creates a quick and easy attachment to tether tools without complicated taping or shrinking. Simply fasten the included tool bracket and labels onto screw ports intended for removable grinder handles. Once the appropriate torque is applied to the anchor point, connect the included 3110F(x) Tool Lanyard to the bracket tether point. The stainless-steel tool bracket comes complete with a set of two metric fasteners (M8, M10) to mount to a variety of brands. Perfect for Small Hand Tools - The Power Tool Bracket for Grinders is the perfect solution for any grinder up to 8 lb/3.6 kg in weight. The Bracket has a patented design that forces the tether directionally away from the grinder 's wheel. Though intended for corded or cordless angle grinders these brackets can also fasten to cameras, laser alignment tools and other tools and devices that contain screw ports which fit M8 and M10 fasteners. Invoice Description: GRINDER TOOL TETHERING KIT, 8LBS, SQUIDS 3196, KIT INCLUDES ONE 3797 POWER TOOL BRACKET-GRINDER TOOL TRAP & ONE 3110Fx DUAL CARABINER TOOL LANYARD, ERGODYNE SQUIDS TOOL TETHERING KIT

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Brand Squids
Per Tool Load Capacity 8 lb
Type Tool Tethering Kit

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