Standard Abrasives 051115-33295 High Strength Buff and Blend Wheel, 3 in Dia, 1/4 in Center Hole, 2 Plys, Medium Grade

  • Item Code: STN 880475
  • Brand: Standard Abrasives
  • Mfg Part No: 051115-33295-1
  • Availability:
  • Unit Size: 1


Designed for easy attachment to a straight handheld grinder, our standard Abrasives buff and blend HS wheel with 1 to 3 disc layers features high strength (HS) nylon material that withstands challenging edgework and irregular surfaces. It is an excellent choice for cleaning and light deburring while achieving a final finish or polished piece. Standard Abrasives high strength medium A/O Type F blue wheels. Among the four Standard Abrasives buff and blend materials, HS material is the most stiff, durable and aggressive. Given its strength and durability, our standard Abrasives buff and blend HS wheel is a good match for irregular shaped parts, such as pipe threads, the edges of molded glass containers and non-ferrous die cast molded parts. It removes small, stubborn burrs and cuts sharp to produce a consistent finish. Non-woven construction makes the material responsive to contours and extrusions while minimizing gouging or marring of the substrate. Aluminum oxide abrasive grain bonded to the nylon strands produces a uniform scratch pattern - ideal for satin or grain finishing. Use a standard Abrasives buff and blend HS wheel for high luster and decorative finishing on brass, steel, bronze, pewter and stainless steel, as well as plated plastics. The permanently affixed 1/4 in shank eliminates "ganging" of individual discs to form a sturdier wheel. Choose between 1-ply, 2-ply and 3-ply options. The 1-ply wheel has the greatest flexibility for reaching into tubing and other tight spaces. The 2-ply option provides added stiffness, while the 3-ply wheel is the best choice when strength is desired over flexibility. Buff and blend products are load-resistant to keep you cutting with fresh mineral. The gaps in the open web allow unwanted swarf to escape. Consequently, less debris clogs the abrasive, so the mineral can stay fresh, keep cutting sharp and deliver a consistent cut over the life of the product. As the fibers break down and fresh mineral is exposed, it reduces the likelihood of dull or blunt mineral smearing the surface, contributing to cleaner surfaces and less rework. Furthermore, manual fatigue that may result from applying heavy pressure to a dull abrasive is reduced. Standard Abrasives buff and blend products invigorate deburring, cleaning, blending and finishing applications by helping operators reduce finishing steps, minimize costs and achieve greater throughput. Each buff and blend product and grade offers unique benefits, so operators can choose from a versatile range of options to ensure superior performance on specific applications.

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Abrasive Material Aluminum Oxide
Arbor/Shank Size 1/4 in
Brand Standard Abrasives
Diameter 3 in
Grade Medium
Maximum Speed 8000 rpm
Number of Plys 2
Series 880475
Type High Strength

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