Standard Abrasives™ 7000046923 821 Unitized Wheel, 6 in Dia Wheel, 1 in Center Hole, 1 in W Face, Medium Grade, Aluminum Oxide Abrasive

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  • Brand: Standard Abrasives
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Our Standard Abrasives™ aluminum oxide 800 series unitized wheel is a hard density wheel designed with extra tough edge durability, making it a good match for heavy duty edge deburring and stainless steel polishing applications. Our Standard Abrasives™ aluminum oxide 800 series unitized wheel is offered in two grades of aluminum oxide (A/O) mineral: coarse or medium. The hardness of this wheel places it on the upper end of the spectrum of aggressiveness among Standard Abrasives™ unitized wheels. Given the coarseness of the mineral and the greater density, this wheel is able to withstand high-pressure applications and cut aggressively, making it well-suited for deburring and polishing applications. Use our Standard Abrasives™ 800 series unitized wheel for deburring stainless steel pipe thread, wire edges from surgical instruments, stainless steel sinks, tanks and other equipment for the food service industry. It is a prime choice for deburring gears and aircraft wing spars, and breaking edges on aluminum extrusions. When it comes to polishing, trust the 800 series A/O unitized wheel to effectively polish stainless steel rule dies, welds on stainless steel sinks, machined surfaces, hand tools and round tubing. Unitized wheels are typically used on a die grinder. A benefit of unitized wheels is that they are bi-directional and can be mounted on a tool or pedestal grinder without regard to the direction of the spindle rotation. This means the Standard Abrasives™ unitized wheel can be used with a variety of tools, and regardless of which way the workpiece is fed through the machine, the wheel will be able to respond, giving operators more flexibility. The stiffness of the unitized construction enables operators to use thinner wheels to access awkward angles with grinding tools. Series 800 wheels comes in a range of diameters from 1 to 6 in and requires a unitized wheel mandrel for attachment to the tool. Quick-change wheels are also available (sold separately). Standard Abrasives™ unitized wheels are a great match for tough deburring, cleaning, blending and finishing applications. They come in a broad range of densities and grades to suit different metals, the degree of aggressiveness required, shape of the part, and desired finish. Although used for some of the same tasks as Standard Abrasives™ buff and blend products, they are designed with a far stronger and denser construction to support more aggressive applications and accomplish material removal more rapidly.

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Abrasive Material Aluminum Oxide
Applicable Materials Aluminum and Stainless Steel
Arbor/Shank Size 1 in
Attachment Type Center Hole
Brand Standard Abrasives
Center Hole Size 1 in
Density Grade Hard
Density Number 8
Diameter 6 in
Face Width 1 in
Grade Medium
In Stock N
Maximum Speed 6000 rpm
Series 821
Thickness 1 in
Wheel Diameter 6 in

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