Standard Abrasives 051115-35714 845418 Surface Conditioning Surface Conditioning GP Disc, 4-1/2 in Dia Disc, Medium Grade, Aluminum Oxide Abrasive

  • Item Code: STN 845418
  • Brand: Standard Abrasives
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  • Unit Size: 1


Our standard Abrasives surface conditioning GP disc combines edge durability and flexibility with high initial and extended cut rate for deburring, blending and cleaning of aluminum or other soft metals. Standard Abrasives surface conditioning discs provide a more compact structure of non-woven fibers than buff and blend products. Our GP disk has a woven fabric (scrim) embedded in the nylon structure to provide additional strength and durability. This helps extend the life of the disk and allows for extended use on ferrous materials or steel. This material requires very little contact pressure and has the most flexibility available. Our standard Abrasives surface conditioning GP discs are made of a tough, but flexible nylon mesh that fits contoured surfaces. This mesh is also laced with aluminum oxide abrasive. Aluminum oxide discs are a good match for operators who desire an all purpose versatility and economy. The mineral cuts fast while blending and deburring and should be used for applications on ferrous metals and composites. Aluminum oxide discs feature a premium grain with higher fracture strength, meaning the mineral will fragment and renew more readily. They are available in grades ranging from very fine to coarse. For the best results, it is recommended that a standard Abrasives brand holder pad is used. Tests have shown that surface conditioning disks, when used in conjunction with the standard Abrasives holder pad, have a greater durability and performance rate. These pads also assure that pressure is applied evenly all the way to the edge of the disk. Holder pads for quick-change discs are available in 3 attachment styles: TS, TR and TP. Invoice Description: SURFACE COND. DISC 4-1/2IN, MEDIUM,HOOK & LOOP STYLE, SA SURFACE CONDITIONING DISCS

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Tech Specs

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Abrasive Material Aluminum Oxide
Arbor/Shank Size No Hole
Brand Standard Abrasives
Color Maroon
Diameter 4-1/2 in
Grade Medium
Maximum Speed 8000 rpm
Series 845418

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