Absorb-N-Dry 50-1 All Purpose Quick Acting Absorbent Clay, 50 lb Bag, Tan/White

  • Item Code: OIL 50-1
  • Brand: Balcones Minerals
  • Availability:
  • Unit Size: 1


Simply Sprinkle ABSORB-N-DRY granules generously over soiled area, let stand for a short time, then sweep up. For particularly stubborn spills or stains use a stiff broom to work the granules over the area, then sweep up. For flowing liquids, pile ABSORB-N-DRY around the area creating a dam. Always use good housekeeping procedures and dispose of spent granules in accordance with local, state and federal regulations. Invoice Description: ABSORBENT, ALL PURPOSE, 50# BAG-50 BG/PLT QUICK ACTING, HIGHLY ABSORB. BALCONES ABSORB-N-DRY BRAND

Tech Specs

Tech Specs

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Brand Balcones Minerals
Color Tan/White
Composition Calcined Fullers Earth, Calcined Bentonite
Container Size 50 lb
Container Type Bag
Fluids Absorbed Grease, Oil
Type All Purpose, Quick Acting

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