W.R. Meadows 588-10K Precision Grout, 50 lb Bag

  • Item Code: WRM 588 PRECISION
  • Brand: W.R. Meadows
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588-10K is a Hydraulic-cement-based, precision, non-shrink, load-bearing grout designed to transfer load effectively and safely, ensuring long service time of the grouted item. It is a non-corrosive, non-metallic, mineral-based precision grout, developed to have high initial and ultimate flexural and compressive strengths. It can be mixed quickly, as needed, on the jobsite. 588-10K offers exceptional workability and is easily placed by pouring or pumping. The product is designed to give non-shri Invoice Description: PRECISION GROUT, 50# BAG NON-SHRINK, NON- FERROUS, MINERAL-AGGREGATE- BASED, LOAD-BEARING, 588-10K

Tech Specs

Tech Specs

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Brand W.R. Meadows
Composition Microcrystalline Silicon Dioxide and Portland Cement
Container Size 50 lb
Container Type Bag
pH Range 10 to 12

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