Edelmann 30-300 Pistol Standard Duty Grease Gun With Grease Pipe and Coupler, 14 oz Cartridge, 5000 psi Operating

  • Item Code: PLE 30-300
  • Brand: Edelmann
  • Availability:
  • Unit Size: 1


Easy one-hand operation. 2-way loading: 14 oz. cartridge or bulk load. Head cap port for adding air bleeder or bulk loader fitting. Develops up to 5,000 psi. Equipped with 3-1/2 in grease pipe and coupler. Individually boxed. 5 per carton. Invoice Description: GREASE GUN, PISTOL STND DUTY, 14oz CART. OR BULK, MAX 5000 psi PLEW GREASE GUNS

Tech Specs

Tech Specs

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Brand Edelmann

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