Workplace safety is necessary for OSHA compliance but did you know that a sound safety strategy can positively impact your bottom-line by preventing lost-time accidents? Richards Supply is proud to offer comprehensive and personalized safety services to our customers in the Dallas Fort Worth, Waco, Temple, and Killeen areas. Use the links below to get started.


Proper Lockout-Tagout procedures are an important component of any safety implementation where dangerous machines are used. Our services can ensure the correct equipment and procedures are in place. More on Lockout-Tagout


Ladders can be the source of some of the most serious injuries in the workplace. The good news is that most of these incidents can be prevented. We can help with proper ladder selection, safety training and inspections. More on Ladder Services


Having proper signage is not only required by OSHA, it can help save lives and prevent injuries. They can help grow your safety culture, sustain a 5S program, and even assist in emergency situations. Find out how we can help. More on Facility Services


It doesn’t matter if you are needing to start a new respiratory program or sustain an established one, it can sometimes seem overwhelming. We have a variety of tools and services available to help with every step along the way. More on Respiratory Services


Grinders have a high risk of injury due to the speed in which they operate. Learning to use the right grinder and the proper wheel is just the start. Learn more about important safety precautions and training available. More on Grinding Safety


Failure in a lifting sling or chain can not only cause massive damage to the product and the facility, but serious injury and even death to those close by. Our products and services can help you stay safe and compliant. More on Slings & Chains


Having the right equipment for fall protection is only the beginning. Workers must know which equipment to use at what time and understand how to properly use the various types of SRLs, harnesses, and lanyards. More on Fall Protection


According to the CDC, occupational hearing loss is one of the most common work-related illness in the U.S., with millions being exposed to hazardous noise levels. See how we can help with your hearing conservation program. More on Hearing Conservation


Being trained and having the right product readily available during a spill can help mitigate the clean-up effort afterward. That can reduce health risk, environmental impact and damage to the facility. We can help you be prepared. More on Spill Containment


If you are tasked with spear-heading safety initiatives and would like assistance in your safety talks, don't hesitate to partner with us. From short tool-box talks to PowerPoint presentations, a variety of safety topics can be tailored to meet your specific needs. More on Safety Presentations