W.R. Meadows ACRY-LOK 1 GAL Acrylic Polymer Admixture and Bonding Agent, 1 gal, 100 to 200 sq ft

  • Item Code: WRM ACRLOK 1GAL
  • Brand: W.R. Meadows
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ACRY-LOK is a high-solid, acrylic polymer latex admixture and Bonding Agent. This milky white liquid is non-yellowing in Portland cement mortars and concrete. When used as an admixture, ACRY-LOK provides increased abrasion, impact and crack resistance, flexural strength, and freeze/thaw tolerance. Permeability is also reduced, providing added protection from chloride intrusion and scaling.ACRY-LOK when used to make a slurry bond coat enhances the bond between the existing concrete and placement Invoice Description: ACRY-LOK BONDING AGENT, 1 GAL, ACRYLIC POLYMER LATEX BOND, NON- YELLOWING, ADMIXTURE

Tech Specs

Tech Specs

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Brand W.R. Meadows
Composition Acrylic Polymers
Container Size 1 gal
Coverage 100 to 200 sq ft
pH Range 9.3 to 10.2
Type Acrylic Polymer
VOC Content 5 g/L

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